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Three Reasons To Rent Wedding Chairs Without Armrests

by Salvador Watkins

When you rent chairs for your wedding, it's important to do so from a chair rental company that carries a large selection of this type of furniture. Doing so will allow you to browse a wide range of chair designs, either on the company's website or in person at its location, to find the right chairs. One thing you'll need to decide is whether you want the chairs to have armrests or not. There's no denying that chairs with armrests have some advantages, but you shouldn't overlook the benefits of choosing chairs that don't have armrests. Here are some points that you should think about.

More Room Around The Tables

Armrests on a chair typically make this piece of furniture bulkier, which may be an issue at a wedding. At this type of event, you'll have several tables at which your guests can sit during the meal. Most tables are designed to accommodate a certain number of chairs. If you place eight chairs with armrests around a table and then eight chairs without armrests around a table, you'll find that the latter scenario tends to feel roomier because the chairs without armrests take up less space. You don't want your guests to feel as though they're crammed around the table, and choosing armrest-free chairs can help in this regard.

Easier Access

A lot of people will find that it's easier to get in and out of a chair that doesn't have armrests. This can especially be true at a table where a lot of people are sitting. When someone wishes to get up, they can easily turn their body to the side of the chair and slip away from the table. This exact movement wouldn't be possible in a chair with armrests, which could be a challenge for some people.


While there are several things that influence how much a chair weighs, it's common for a model that doesn't have armrests to weigh a little less than one that does. Choosing the former style can be handy in a few scenarios. When you and your family are setting up chairs around the venue, you'll find that it's easier to lift and carry those that are lighter. The difference of even just a small amount of weight can be noticeable over the course of moving perhaps dozens of chairs around a large venue. Elderly guests may also appreciate the lightweight nature of these chairs when they're sliding them in and out at their table. Contact a wedding chair rental company to learn more.