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Benefits Of Renting A Toddler-Sized Bounce House

by Salvador Watkins

When you want to rent a bounce house from a local party rental service, you can expect that the rental agent will ask about the ages of the children who will be using this structure. If the kids are young, the rental agent may suggest that you rent a toddler-sized bounce house. These structures are available at many party rental services, and while they share many of the same design features as their larger counterparts, they're smaller in size. Whether you're planning a young child's birthday party or you just want a fun backyard activity for your kids, here are some benefits of renting a toddler-sized bounce house.

Small Footprint

The small footprint of a toddler-sized bounce house can make it a good option for lots of people. If your yard is on the smaller side, a conventional structure may simply be too large — especially if you have various immovable things items, such as a hot tub or a children's play structure. These structures can vary in size, but they tend to have small footprints that can make them fit with ease in the average residential backyard. While their capacity is smaller than conventional bounce houses, this shouldn't be an issue if you have just a few young kids who will be using the structure.

Smaller Features

While large bounce houses will excite older children, the features inside of these structures may seem a little daunting to toddlers. For example, a bigger bounce house may have tall slides and other components that seem very large to small children. When you rent a toddler-sized structure, you can be confident that your child — and any other young children who are visiting your home — will feel comfortable using it. The slide in a toddler-sized structure, for example, will often be short and have a gentle slope. At a birthday party or other get-togethers, you want this activity to be inclusive for your child and their friends. Choosing a toddler-sized structure will ensure that this is the case.

Fully Enclosed Design

A lot of bounce houses for older kids have both enclosed sections and open sections. When you look at structures designed for toddlers, you'll commonly find that they're fully enclosed. As a parent, this design will give you more confidence in the safety of your child as they use the bounce house. Even if a child bounces vigorously, the enclosed design of the structure will contain their body. Contact a party rental company to learn about bounce houses that are designed for toddlers