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Hosting A Jungle-Themed Birthday Party? Order These Balloons

by Salvador Watkins

Many children at a young age are interested in jungle-related themes. You might read your child books about jungle animals and buy them clothing with jungle designs, for example. When such a child is celebrating a birthday, it can make sense for you to throw a party with a jungle theme. There are all sorts of decorations that can give your home this vibe, but you'll want to think about what balloons you can add. Instead of buying regular balloons at your local $1 store, find a specialty balloon shop that sells creative designs for parties. Here are some jungle-themed balloons you can often find.

Animal Shapes

While you might think of a round shape when you consider the appearance of a balloon, specialty balloon shops have balloons in all sorts of different shapes. When you're preparing for a jungle-themed birthday party, you'll want to buy some balloons that feature different animal-related shapes. For example, you can often find balloons that are shaped like monkeys, tigers, and other animals. Of course, these balloons are also printed to depict the animals they represent, which can add a fun vibe to your child's gathering.

Jungle Foliage

To further build the jungle theme at your child's party, you'll need some balloons that represent the lush foliage that makes up the jungle. At the very least, you can buy balloons in different shades of green and display them in bunches around your home. However, many specialty balloon shops have balloons that have foliage printed on them. For example, you'll commonly see green balloons that have black outlines of leaves. It can be fun to decorate with these balloons creatively. You might place several of them together with an animal-shaped balloon in the center of the arrangement to make it seem as though the animal is peeking through the foliage.

Animal Markings

Another type of balloon design to consider for your child's jungle-themed birthday party is anything that features animal markings. Lots of these balloons exist. For example, you'll find black and white balloons that are printed to look like zebra stripes, yellow, orange, and black balloons that feature cheetah spots, and more. You can group several of these balloons together in certain areas of your home to create a jungle vibe — for example, you can place them around a door frame. Contact a balloon company in your area to inquire about jungle-themed balloons for your child's birthday party.

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