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Rent A Bounce House For A Game Of Tag

by Salvador Watkins

If you have children who love playing the game of tag with their friends, you can add a lot of excitement by renting a bounce house that the kids can include in their game. Tag can take place in all sorts of environments, including in contained spaces such as bounce houses. The result will be a fast, exciting game that offers a unique experience for children who typically play this game in other environments. You'll want to be highly selective about the bounce house that you choose. Browsing the options at a local party rental company and sharing your goal of providing an environment for tag with the employee who is helping you will help you to find the right structure for this activity. You'll want to choose a bouncer rental that has these attributes.

Large Size

Perhaps more than anything, you should ensure that the bounce house you rent for your children's games of tag is as large as possible. The more space that this structure provides for your children and their friends to run around and attempt to evade the player who is "it," the better. You may wish to measure the size of your backyard and take this information with you when you visit the rental center. Knowing the size of your yard will ensure that you can rent the largest bounce house that will fit in this space.


It's also vitally important to choose a bounce house that has as many obstacles as possible. While some structures are essentially just a cube, others have walls, pillars, and other elements throughout their designs. The presence of these obstacles will be instrumental in making games of tag fun. For example, children can run behind various obstacles as they evade their opponent, which will add to the challenge and excitement of the game.

Elevation Changes

If possible, you should try to choose a structure that features elevation changes. They can dramatically augment the fun of a game of tag. For example, look for a bounce house that has a sloped section that leads to an elevated platform. Players can climb up onto this platform to evade their opponent, and then either slide down a slide, jump into a ball pit, or otherwise get off the platform in a fun way. The more elevation changes that a bounce house offers, the more hiding places players will have. Contact a party rental company to find the right bounce house for playing tag.